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News and Updates

9 July 2010

Further summaries of results will be written and posted on the results page in July and August 2010.

30 June 2009

Headlines of results are now available on the results page.

Participants Page

If you have forgotten how to access the participants pages, please contact Metta.

MLS Awards

The Mindful Leadership Study was honored with the award of an American Fellowship from the
American Association of University Women for the 2008-09 academic year to write the dissertation based on this study. For information about AAUW programs, please visit: AAUW.

The study was also honored as a
finalist and cash prize recipient
by the
Academy of Management for the Management, Spirituality, and Religion Most Promising Dissertation Award in 2008. For information, please visit: AOM.


Welcome to the
Mindful Leadership Study

The pilot study is now completed.

Thanks to all who chose to participate, and to all who helped with the study! The next phase will begin in 2011, stay tuned for more information.


The dissertation based on the study is complete!
A few excerpts are posted on the results page.

Benefits of Participating
We hope you will participate in this study of the power of mindfulness for managing the unique challenges of leadership. As a participant, you will have the opportunity to learn about your distinctive profile of leadership-related strengths, and identify where you may want to pursue further leadership development.

Make a Difference
Your insights are essential for the success of this ground-breaking study. The purpose of the study is to understand how mindfulness - whether naturally occurring or purposely cultivated - may help leaders be more effective in developing the social and emotional skills critical to effective leadership. We will explore how you work with the inner and outer stresses of leading, and build the relationships to achieve your goals as a leader. We want to learn what most helps or hinders YOU in being effective.

We need leaders who do and do not have a formal mindfulness practice to participate. Mindfulness is the primary focus of the study because of its well-established benefits for working with difficult emotions and stress in a wide range of contexts. However, people vary in their degree of mindfulness with and without a formal practice, and factors other than mindfulness may be equally or more important for effective leadership.

Offer Your Unique Perspective
Those who will most enjoy participating are leaders interested in reflecting on themselves and their unique leadership experiences. If you are considering participating and have questions or would like to discuss the study, or if you are a researcher or leadership coach interested in assisting with the study, please contact me.

Thank you for your interest.

Metta McGarvey
Harvard Graduate School of Education

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